Service Field Inspections

ICIA provides valuable field services for seed production and related products. All field service programs are individualized to fit the needs of each customer. Objectives of field services include:

  • Confirmation of variety matching its description
  • Verification of field location, isolation and acreage; including notificaiton of isolation issues, inseparable other crops or problem weeds
  • Notification that the crop has met standards required according to seed class or end use
  • Crop certificaiton in Indiana and/or ICIA facilitated certification in Puerto Rico
  • Administration of a customer's own quality assurance program
  • ICIA managed grow-out plots for purity in Puerto Rico 
  • USDA NSHS Accredited to provide phytosanitary inspections

Puerto Rico Certification Services

This service provides our customers the opportunity to position winter (counter-seasonal) production to be shipped to other countries. The timing is advantageous to speed up the certification process for new hybrid production. 

Quality Assurance, Identity Preservation & Other Customized Field Services

Advantages of adding field inspection services to your quality program are:
  • Early detection of weed pressure
  • Early detection of potential contamination of seed fields
  • Confirmation of isolations and acreage
  • Verify variety conforms to description, document GPS locations and other agronomic information
  • Verify crop meets standards of seed class or end use
  • Aid in creating and administering a custom quality assurance program