Lateral Flow Strip Testing

When Should I use this Test?
Lateral flow strips, also known as immunostrips, are designed to quickly determine the presence or absence of genetically modified traits expressed in transgenic corn, cotton, and soybeans.  They are relatively inexpensive and simple to use.

What Technique is Used?
Lateral flow strips detect protein extracted from individual leaf tissue, single seed tissue, or from a ground bulk seed sample.  Once the strips are placed in the extraction solution, the liquid is wicked up the strip, carrying proteins across protein-capturing regions.

Lateral flow strips contain an upper control line and a lower test line. The control line will appear within 3-5 minutes. If the sample is positive for the trait, the test line will also appear. If the sample is negative, the test line will not appear.

Most lateral flow strips are optimized to test leaf tissue or individual seeds, however when screening bulk seed, there is a limit of detection range from 0.1% to 10%, depending on the trait being tested.